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1 February
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[name] Jessica
[nicknames] Jess, Jessi/Jessie...nothing special (unless if you wanna make up a nickname for me)
[age] 14
[birthdate] February 1
[sex] Not yet. Haha, kidding. Female
[location] Watsonville, California
[grade] 9th
[martial status] Single

Um, I don't know, what's there to know about me? Well, my name is Jessica, and I'm a tennis freak. And if you want to know more about me, then, don't be scared to add me :D

My LJ is usually friends only.
I comment A LOT.
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I claimed Andy Roddick's body, Marat Safin's body, Marat Safin's smile, and Roger Federer's hair over at tennis_claims.

AIM: WTF You Loserr
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E-Mail Address: eternaldorkiness@gmail.com
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